Seán McCrum Playing with Dragons – Kettle String Aeroplane Radio

This work is in the middle of reusing sounds from a kettle, short-wave radio programmes, an aeroplane take-off and strings. The reason for these sounds: they fell within the span of a given seven days. The rationale: taking selected found sounds and reconstructing them for another purpose than their original, but maintaining some aural presence for them as resources. As much as natural phenomena, these are part of my cultural and sonoral environment experienced over a particular time.

Seán McCrum was educated in Belfast. He studied Classics at Trinity College, Dublin, between 1967-71. He then worked in The Applied Arts and Fine Arts Departments of  The Ulster Museum, Belfast, from 1971-1977. He was Director of The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, between 1977-1982.
He then worked as a writer and critic until 1987, contributing to Irish and international publications and media.
Since 1987, he has worked as an independent curator, originating, funding, administering and designing cultural projects ranging from individual events to long-term exchange programmes.
Since 1997, much of his work has focused upon cultural exchange programmes and  cross-disciplinary and multi-media programmes.
His work involves projects for galleries, arts centres and art in the community.