Johannes S. Sistermanns - to disappear / appear

have no other sounds (what words are, mirroring, imaging the is of now)

have no comment (there is no need telling others ‚about’ it)

for my composition

please come and listen

do you listen to the sound

or where the sound is leading you?

© Johannes S. Sistermanns

Johannes S. Sistermanns was born in 1955 in Cologne, Germany. He stages his composition as electro acoustic multi channel sound performances, sound plastic, radiophonic sound plays, new music theatre and soundimage cityspace. He was taught in‚ Tao of Voice method by Prof. Stephen Cheng, New York, as well as in Classical North Indian Singing at the Benares Hindu University and in Calcutta. 1976-84 he studied at the Musikhochschule Köln New Music Theatre with Mauricio Kagel, Piano with Klaus Runze and Rhythmik with Holmrike Leiser. Performances, exhibitions, teachings and fellowships took him to Japan, China, Australia, USA and Europe. He performs/exhibits in international festivals, including Knitting Factory NY 1995, Melbourne Festival 1997, Worldexhibition EXPO 2000 Hannover, Adelaide Festival 2000, Theater der Welt Duisburg 2002, International Summercourse Darmstadt 2004/2006, Turning Sounds Warshaw 2005, Donaueschinger Musiktage 1996/1999/2005, 1. Shanghai International Electroacoustic Music Festival 2006, ISCM World New Music Festival Stuttgart 2006 - in radio stations (WDR, SWR, HR, SR, DLR, RBB Berlin, ORF Wien, ABC Radio Sydney). He received a.o.’Zeitgleich’ Composition Award ORF Radio + TRANSIT Innsbruck 1995, Karl-Sczucka-Förderpreis SWR Radio 1997 Award, 2. Prize for SoundPlastic‚ deportiert’ Kehl/Germany and grants like the Kunststiftung NRW 1991/2, Heinrich-Strobel-Foundation Freiburg 1999, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation Berlin 2000/01, Artist-in-Residence CACSA Adelaide 2000, The Japan Foundation Tokyo 2001, Filmfoundation NRW 1997/2001/2004/2006.

2004 + 2006 he is lecturer at the ‚International Summer Courses for New Music’ in Darmstadt, Germany.
2008 the artist group‚ content©container’, Rudi Frings, Frank Schulte, Johannes S. Sistermanns, realizes the intermedia art project ‚ Olympic of fine arts’ during the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.