Dan Senn - Czech Rail, section 12

Czech Rail, section 12 consists of sounds recorded from my Too Flutter, a sculptural instrument which generates sounds using cascading metal "moths" spinning along the edges of twisted threaded rods. Having ridden many trains in the Czech Republic, the inescapable imagery that emerged while editing was that of trains passing through a Prague rail yard, and therefore it's title. The piece in all acoustic, without adjustment to the speed of the original recordings. Only the stereo location and colour of the sounds are altered as they would be during a live performance.

The complete piece is in 15 sections, with the original composition for Too Flutter composed in February of 2007 in 18 sections and has duration of 62'30".

Dan Senn is a composer of experimental classical music, electronic and acoustic, a sculptor of new instruments for exhibition and performance, an experimental video artist for installation and proscenium play, a ceramist, and a documentary film artist.  He performs and exhibits world-wide and creates ephemeral public art projects which bring experimental work to alternative audiences.  His work is greatly influenced by "elegant awkwardness" of the Raku ceramic process and, while highly expressive, devoid of intended metaphor.