Danny McCarthy - (Re)sounding Memories/Cleaning The House

This work started a sound installation I presented in CAP House, Kobe, Japan in 2007 and forms part of an ongoing series of work which also has a visual element as well as the aural.

The sound I use was taken from a family home belonging to very close relatives who were recently deceased. It had also been my grandfathers and great grandfathers home. My own father was born there so it had very clear resonances for me but the house was being sold. So I recorded the furniture, objects, surfaces and spirit sounds of the house and from these recordings built up the work. Amazingly the sound seemed to develop as a liquid form which only occurred to me later that the house is part of a flooded area in the town and was regularly flooded.

Further installations on the same theme are due and it is intended to release a limited edition CD
with visuals shortly.

Danny Mc Carthy studied at the National College of Art and Design. He has pioneered both performance art and sound art in Ireland and he continues to be a leading exponent exhibiting and performing both in Ireland and abroad. He has just returned from a very successful tour to Japan where he presented his sound installation “(Re)sounding Memories/Cleaning The House” in CAP House Kobe and where he performed a live sound performance work. He also presented a live sound performance in Kobe leading contemporary art space The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art (www.artm.pref.hyogo.jp/eng : www.galinsky.com )

He is a founding director of Triskel Arts Centre and of the National Sculpture Factory and is a director of Art Trail and the Sirius Arts Centre