Angie Halliday - Suspense

Suspense is a state or condition of doubt, anxiety or worry. It is a condition that we are familiar with because of its regular evocation in cinema. This track is made up of a suspense-inducing sound effect and some rather benign domestic sounds. The ‘suspense’ sound effect originates from video editing software. These aural ‘signs’ of suspense or foreboding relate to cinematic conventions and are so commonly understood as part of the language of cinema that they are written into video editing software as part of the programme. This track explores how the sound ‘effect’ affects the actual or real recorded sound, how certain sounds work as a device for suspense and also highlights an aspect of the relationship between cinema and video.

Angie Halliday is a Belfast based artist whose work takes on various forms, including digital video, photography, sound, and installation. She completed her MFA in 2005 and is continuing to exhibit her work locally and internationally.

Selected Exhibitions/Screenings:

Nov 2007 I Noticed My Mother, screened as part of the 20th ‘Instant Video Numériques et Poétiques’, Marseille.

June/July 2007 ‘Trauma Interrupted’, group exhibition at The Cultural Centre of The Philippines, Manila, June 14th- July 29th 2007. (See exhibit section and ).

January 2007 Curated ‘Felt Experience Project’, an international exhibition of video work hosted by Catalyst Arts, Belfast. (See

August 2006 1859, Screened at The Centre for International Studies,
Manila, The Philippines.

May 2006: To back up his claim at Queen Street Studios Gallery,

May 2006: Untitled-new video work in progress at “Play Station”, “3x3” at
PS2, Belfast.

April 2006: “Keep that one aside.” at University of California,
Berkley. (Screening)

March 2006: “I Noticed My Mother” at PS2 (Paragon Studios Project
Belfast) in Sample: 'installations, interventions, archives' etc.

Sept 2005: ‘Keep that one aside.’ Goethe Institute Madrid. (Screening)

Sept 2005: Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin. Offside Live II.

June/ July 2005: Art Trail, Soundworks Group show, Cork.

May 2005: UIA 2005 Istanbul Congress: Digital picture and film project of European Universities; City Trailer. “Keep that one aside.” (Screening)

June 2005: M.F.A Show, University of Ulster, Belfast.

Jan 2005: Interim show, Belfast Exposed Gallery.

Oct 2004: Emerging Artists, group show, Ashford Gallery, R.H.A. Dublin